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St. Alcmund of Hexham,
Bishop of Hexham

(Died AD 781)

Little seems to be known about this man who became the seventh Bishop of Hexham in AD 767.

After his death, on 7th September AD 781, Alcmund was buried beside St. Acca, outside the Abbey turned Cathedral Church. The location of the grave was forgotten during the Danish invasions; but, in 1032, the Saint is said to have appeared in a vision to a local man, bidding him tell Alured, the Sacrist of Durham, to have his body translated to a more suitable place. Following these instructions, Alured discovered the Saint's remains and enshrined them at Hexham. However, he retained a single bone to add to the relic collection at Durham. The deceased holyman was not happy and it was soon found that that his feretrum could not be moved until the bone was restored to its rightful place! 

After being laid waste in 1154, all the saintly relics of Hexham were gathered together in a single shrine, until finally scattered by the Scots, 150 years later.


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