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St. Cuneswith
(Late 7th Century)

St. Cuneswith was one of the younger daughters of King Penda of Mercia. She incited her brother, King Peada of Middle Anglia to found the great abbey of Medshamstead (Peterborough Cathedral) and attended its dedication in AD 656. She sanctioned the grants of her brother, King Wulfere of Mercia, and signed the charter with her mark. She is supposed to have been either married of betrothed to King Offa of Essex, but this must have been a different later as this monarch was her grand-nephew. Cuneswith became a nun with her sisters, Cuneburga and Cunethrith, at Castor in Northamptonshire. She died there on 6th March, sometime just after the turn of the 8th century.

Edited from Agnes Dunbar's "A Dictionary of Saintly Women" (1904).


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