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St. Cunethrith of Glastonbury
(Early 10th Century)

St. Cunethrith of Glastonbury was the wife of the nobleman, Heorstan, and mother of St. Dunstan. She lived with her family in Baltonborough in Somerset. In AD 909, shortly before the birth of her illustrious son, in the solemn office of Candlemas Day, in the Church of the Blessed Virgin in Glastonbury, all the lights were suddenly extinguished. The taper which Cunethrith held was, however, re-lit from heaven and all the rest borrowed their light from her. After Dunstanís birth, his parents were favoured with a vision in which the future sanctity of their son was revealed to them. He was Archbishop of Canterbury for twenty-seven years. She died on 8th May some time in the mid-10th century and, after her death, her son saw her soul in a vision among the blessed in heaven.

Edited from Agnes Dunbar's "A Dictionary of Saintly Women" (1904).


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