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St. Edith of Germany,
Holy Roman Empress
(Died AD 947)

Princess Edith the Younger was daughter of Edward the Elder, King of England, by his second wife, Elflaed. She became the first wife of Otto I the Great, Holy Roman Emperor & King of Germany. His father, Henry I the Fowler sent to ask King Athelstan for one of his sisters as a wife for his eldest son. Athelstan sent two, Edith, who married Otto, and Elgith, who was married to Duke Boleslav II of Bohemia. Edith was a pious and exemplary woman. She had a son Liudolf and a daughter Liutgard. She died on died on 26th January AD 947 and Otto remarried to St. Adelaide.

Edith does not seem to be called Saint by any reliable authority. She appears in a list of sainted English queens preserved in Analecta Juris Pontificii (1823). She is called Blessed by Arturus du Monstier, on the alleged authority of Baronius, who, however, does not so style her. She is not in the Manipulus, where every possible English princess is inserted.

Edited from Agnes Dunbar's "A Dictionary of Saintly Women" (1904).


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