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St. Modwenna of Burton-on-Trent -  Nash Ford PublishingSt. Modwenna of Burton-on-Trent, Abbess of Trensall
(9th Century)

The traditional life of Modwenna is very confused for it seems to contain the actions of at least three distinct ladies. The main character was the 9th century St. Modwenna of Burton-upon-Trent.

This lady was given land at Trensall in Staffordshire by the King of Mercia, where she founded a famous nunnery. Here, she trained St. Edith of Polesworth before helping her to establish her own foundation in Warwickshire. Later, Modwenna retired to a small island called Andressey, near Burton-upon-Trent. She lived there as an anchoress for seven years before her death on 5th July, some time in the mid-9th century. Her relics were later translated to the Church at Burton.

She should not be confused with St. Modwenna of Scotland, St. Modwenna of Northumbria or St. Monenna.


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