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Wulfstan II, Archbishop of York
(Died 1023)

Wulfstan II, like his two predecessors, was bishop, at once, of York and of Worcester. It was probably intended that the sees should continue united; and the arrangement was confirmed by King Edward the Confessor, on the grounds that, Northumbria having been ravaged by the Danes, the possession of the southern bishopric was necessary for the maintenance of the northern primate. However this may be, Leofsi was appointed Bishop of Worcester in 1016, probably as suffragan to Wulfstan.

Wulfstan is believed to have been the author of the homilies to which the name of "Lupus Episcopus" is prefixed. He died at York on 28th May 1023, but was buried, through his special desire, in the monastic church at Ely.

Edited from Richard John King's "Handbook to the Cathedrals of England: Northern Division" (1903).


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