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PART 9: AD 1007-1066

1007 - Aethelred buys two years' peace from the Danes for 36,000 pounds of silver. Uhtred, son of Ealdorman Waltheof I of Northumbria, is appointed to his father's old position.

1011 - Thorkell the Tall and his brother, Hemming, plunder Canterbury, burn the city and the Cathedral, and make off with Archbishop Alphege to Greenwich. St. Alphage refuses to be ransomed and the Vikings throw ox-bones at him in a drunken orgee and kill him.

1012 - The Danes sack Canterbury: bought off for 48,000 pounds of silver.

1013 - King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark lands in England and is proclaimed king; Aethelred II the Unready flees to Normandy.

c.1013 - Archbishop Lyfing probably restores Canterbury Cathedral, adding porticus towers and a massive 'westwerk'.

1014 - The English recall Aethelred II the Unready as King on the death of King Sweyn Forkbeard; the latter's son, Canute (II), retreats to Denmark and turns his attention to annexing Norway.

1015 - King Canute II of Denmark & Norway again invades England; war between Danes and Saxons.

1016 - Death of King Aethelred II the Unready. He is succeeded by his eldest surviving son, Edmund Ironside. He and King Canute II of Denmark & Norway meet on the Isle of Alney near Deerhurst and agree to divide the kingdom: Canute holds the north and Edmund holds Wessex. Edmund is subsequently assassinated and Canute takes the throne as King Canute the Great of England.

1017 - King Canute the Great divides England into four earldoms.

1019 - King Canute the Great marries the Dowager-Queen Emma, widow of the late King Aethelred II. Canute gives the relics of St. Wigstan to Evesham Abbey. They are translated from Repton.

1026 - King Canute the Great's steward, Orc, founds Abbotsbury Abbey.

1035 - Death of Canute the Great of England, Denmark & Norway: his possessions are divided; his eldest son, Harold I Harefoot, becomes King of England.

1040 – Death of King Harold I Harefoot of England. He is succeeded by his half-brother, Hardicanute.

1042 – Death of King Hardicanite of England. He is succeeded by his half-brother, Edward the Confessor, son of the late Aethelred II the Unread.

1046 - Sweyn, son of Earl Godwin of Wessex, attempts to marry Abbess Edgith of Leominster.

c.1050 - Abbot Wulfric of St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury embarks on a flamboyant programme of building-work at his abbey. He adds a further western chapel and bell-tower to the monastic complex and begins to join St. Mary's to the Abbey Church with a huge rotunda based on that at St. Benigne at Dijon.

1051 - Earl Godwin of Wessex is sent into exile.

1052 - Edward the Confessor founds Westminster Abbey, near London. Earl Godwin of Wessex returns with a fleet and wins back his power.

1053 - Death of Earl Godwin of Wessex. His son Harold succeeds to his earldom. Earl Harold of Wessex begins a programme of building work at Waltham Abbey which includes the addition of a huge eastern crossing.

1055 – Earl Harold of Wessex's brother, Tostig, becomes Earl of Northumbria.

1058 - The See of Sherborne is joined to that of Ramsbury & Sonning.

1063 – Earls Harold and Tostig subdue Wales.

1064 - Harold is shipwrecked in Normandy. While there, he apparently swears a solemn oath to support William of Normandy's claim to the English throne.

1065 - Northumbria rebels against Tostig, who is exiled. Consecration of Westminster Abbey at Christmas. King Edward is too ill to attend.

1066 – Death of King Edward the Confessor of England. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. Despite his apparent promise to leave the English throne to his maternal cousin, Duke William of Normandy, he changes his mind on his deathbed and nominates his brother-in-law, Earl Harold, instead. Harold is elected King by the Witan and crowned at Westminster Abbey. King Harold Hardrada of Norway invades England. King Harold II of England defeats him at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Duke William of Normandy invades England. King Harold marches south to meet him and the two clash at the Battle of Hastings. Harold and most of the English nobility are killed. The Witan elects the late King Edward the Confessor’s half-grand-nephew, Prince Edgar the Aethling, as King. Initial resistance soon turns to submission at Berkhampstead around the beginning of December.

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