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PART 3: AD 715-819

c.715 - King Nechtan of the Picts takes advice from Abbot Ceolfrith of Wearmouth & Jarrow concerning adoption of the ways of the Roman Church.

716 - A Pictish army defeats King Osred I of Northumbria in battle in Manau Gododdin. The latter is killed.

722 - Death of King Bili of Strathclyde. King Teudebur succeeds to the throne.

c.729 - The Picts sign a peace treaty with the Northumbrians.

740 - Pictland is attacked by a Northurmbrian force under King Eadberht.

750 - The Strathclyde Britons under King Teudebur defeat Prince Talorgen of the Picts at the Battle of Mugdock. Decline of the power of King Angus I of the Picts.

752 - Death of King Teudebur of Strathclyde. His son, Dumnagual, succeeds to the throne and promptly loses Kyle to King Eadberht of Northumbria.

756 - King Angus I of the Picts and King Eadberht of Northumbria successfully besiege King Dumnagual of Strathclyde at Dumbarton. However, the Strathclyde Britons subsequently wipe out Eadberht's entire force at the Battle of Newburgh-on-Tyne.

760 - Death of King Dumnagual of Strathclyde.

774 - The exiled King Ealchred of Northumbria arrives in Pictland from Bamburgh, having been driven from York after unrest in the Northumbrian Church.

790 -King Canaul son of Tadg of the Picts is killed in battle against his rival, King Constantine mac Fergus of Dalriada, who, through the right of his mother, a sister of King Alpin ipe Ferach of the Picts, succeeds to the Pictish throne.

796 - King Osbald of Northumbria flees to Pictland from Lindisfarne, after a rule of only twenty-seven days and a number of murders plunge his kingdom into confusion.

Part 4: AD 820-899


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