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Norse Kings of York
A Pre-Conquest Listing

Norse Kings of York

Halfdan I Ragnarson 876-877

Nominal Bernician Rule 877-883

Norse Kings of York

Guthfrith I Hardicnutson 883-895
Sigefrith 895-899

English King of York
Aethelwold 899-902

Norse Kings of York
Sigefrith 902-906 (again) (joint)
Cnut 902-906 (joint)
Halfdan II 906-910 (joint)
Eowils Ragnarson 906-910 (joint)
Ivarr 906-910 (joint)
Ragnall I Ivarrson 910-920
Sigtrygg Caech(the Squinty) 920-927

Norse Claimants under Wessex Rule

Guthfrith II Ivarrson 927-934
Olaf I Guthfrithsson 934-939

Norse Kings of York

Olaf I Guthfrithsson (again) 939-941
Olaf II Cuaran (the Sandal) 941-943
Ragnall II Guthfrithsson 943-944

Wessex Rule 944-947

Norse Kings of York

Erik Bloodaxe 947-948
Olaf II Cuaran (the Sandal) 949-952 (again)
Erik Bloodaxe 952-954 (again)

The Kingdom of York was regained by the English in 954.


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