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Sir Aglovale
Arthurian Literary Character

According to Thomas Malory, Sir Aglovale was the "first son begotten in wedlock" to King Pellinore of Listinoise. Despite his position at the head of the family, he was destined only to become a minor Knight of the Round Table. It was Aglovale who brought his brother, Percivale, to King Arthur's Court and then joined the King's service himself to serve in the Saxon Wars. Sir Aglovale was later forced to return to his homeland and defend it against King Agrippe (probably from North Wales) whose armies had invaded and killed a number of his brothers. In his personal life, Aglovale had a passionate affair with a Moorish princess and fathered a son named Morien before the two married. They left Britain to live in the Middle East where he became a local monarch. Aglovale returned towards the end of Arthur's reign and was eventually killed by Sir Lancelot during the rescue of Queen Guinevere from her fate at the stake. His death prompted Sir Percivale to enter a hermitage.


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