Einion Yrth, King of Gwynedd
(Born c.AD 419)
(Latin: Engenius; English: Engen)

Einion Yrth (the Impetuous) originated in Manau Gododdin on the Firth of Forth. He travelled to North Wales with his father, Cunedda Wledig, in the early 5th century to expel the invading Irish. Despite, apparently, being the seventh son, he must have been of strong character for he became heir to his father's central power-base of Gwynedd. The kingdom was named after the Irish people known, in Latin, as the Venodotae. From there, Einion was eventually able to impose himself as over-king to most of his brothers. He was evetually succeeded by his sons, Cadwallon Lawhir and Owain Danwyn.

Records of Einion Yrth date back to the 11th century. He could be historic.


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