Haeloc, King of Domnonée
(Born c.AD 585)
(Welsh: Haelog; Latin: Haelocus; English: Hallock)

King Haeloc was the son of King Judhael of Domnonée and grandson of Judwal. His place on the Domnonian throne was secured, in the early 7th century, with the help a powerful lord named Redwal, said by some to have been his uncle. Redwal made it his mission in life to make Haeloc Crown Prince by murdering all his brothers. Several managed to flee, however. One young lad made it to St. Malo's monastery at Aleth, but the great saint was absent and Redwal was easily able to snatch him away. On his return, St. Malo pursued the evil lord, who then killed the boy before the saint's very eyes.

Haeloc spent the rest of his reign persecuting St. Malo, but he died not long after. Only his brothers, Judicael & Judoc, managed to survive him.

Records of King Haeloc date back to the 9th century. He could well be historic.


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