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Sir Kay
Arthurian Literary Character

Sir Kay was King Arthur's foster-brother. With Sir Bedivere, he killed the Giant of St. Michael's Mount. Other adventures included killing Wrnach the Giant, rescuing Mabon and stealing the beard of Dillus the Bearded. Arthur made up an insulting song about the last named and the two fell out over it. Kay did well in the War against Imperial Rome, but was killed by King Sertorius of Libya at the Battle of Soissons; or possibly by Arthur's man, Gwyddawg, who may have joined Mordred's rebellion. He was buried at Caen or Chinon.

Kay rarely comes across in a good light. He cajoled other knights, abused women, talked his way into adventures at which he usually failed, and spitefully sent inexperienced  knights out on dangerous quests only to see them return in a hail of glory. He once persuaded his foster-brother to let me rescue Guinevere from King Meleagant and ended up imprisoned himself. 

Sir Kay's early appearances in the Mabinogion tale of "Culhwch and Olwen" and other early Welsh sources, identify him as an historical Lord of Caer Goch in Pembrokeshire, whose family originated in Ireland.


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