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Sir Palomides - this reproduction © Nash Ford Publishing Sir Palomides
Arthurian Literary Character

A Saracen knight whose nobility and prowess were almost unsurpassed. His father was King Esclabor and his many brothers included Sir Safir and Sir Segwarides. His sister was named Florine. Like Sir Tristram, Palomides loved the beautiful Princess Isolde of Ireland. This led to a number of tense situations between the two knights who, otherwise, respected and admired each other. Among other offences, Sir Palomides kidnapped Isolde after returning to safety her maid whom he had found lost in the forest. On this occasion, as in others, Tristram and Palomides clashed in battle over Isolde's love. After these conflicts, the two knights were generally reconciled but always remained bitter. In various adventures, Sir Palomides championed a lady against the evil Sir Gonereys, won the love of the King of Baghdad's daughter by killing a malicious knight named Corsabrin, avenged the murder of King Armant of the Red City and defeated Sir Atamas at the Spring of Healing. Some time before King Mark of Cornwall's invasion of Britain, Sir Palomides had rescued him from attack by striking down Sir Brandiles, the two Sir Yvains, Sirs Ozana, Agravaine and Griflet in rapid succession. Shortly afterwards, he met Sir Lamorak outside Morgan Le Fay's castle, bearing an anonymous red shield as he fought off her knights. Palomides courte≠ously offered to help him but Lamorak took offence and insisted on proving his lack of weariness by fighting Palomides as well. The latter responded in kind, but, at the end of the battle, when they learned each other's identity, they swore everlasting friendship. Sir Palomides was commonly known as the "Knight of the Questing Beast," for he underwent a long quest in search of this demonic monster throughout his career. He eventually slew the creature at the Lake of the Beast. Sir Palomides continually refused baptism until shortly before the instigation of the Grail Quest. He had, for many years, avoided a major encounter with Sir Tristram, but their rivalry finally came to a head through a sudden unprovoked attack by the latter. The two fought for two hours until Tristram was victorious and they at last became friends. Palomides agreed to become a Christian as a condition of his surrender. His new found spirituality then led him to join the Grail Quest and he was present at Corbenic for its completion. Palomides joined Tristramís protector, Sir Lancelot, in the rescue of the adulterous Queen Guinevere from being burnt at the stake. This action forced him to leave Britain, although the Breton knight rewarded him with the Duchy of Provence.


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