Pawl Penychen, King of Penychen
(Born c.AD 467)
(Latin: Paulinus; English: Paul)

Pawl was one of the many sons of King Glywys Cernyw of Glywysing. In the late 5th century, he inherited the Kingdom of Penychen in Mid-South Wales which he ruled from Nant Pawl and, possibly, the Caerau Hillfort. He was a patron of several well-known Welsh Saints. These including his nephew, St. Cadog, to whom he gave the land on which he built the great Abbey of Llancarfan; and St. Illtud who was an officer in his army before Cadog converted him to Christianity. Pawl had no children and, at his death, he left his kingdom to his nephew.

Records of King Pawl date back to the 6th century. He is generally considered historic.


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