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Sir Safir
Arthurian Literary Character

A Saracen - though Christian - knight, the son of King Esclabor and brother of Sirs Palomides and Segwarides. He was a great one for touring the tournaments, appearing at the Castle Dangerous, Sorelais (possibly the Isle of Man), Leverzep (possibly Leaventhorpe) , Winchester and the joust held by King Carados.

Disguised as Sir Ector de Maris, Sir Safir fought with Sir Helior le Preuse, defeated him and won his lady who had only recently acquired from Sir Espinogres. Sir Palomides arrived on the scene during the fight. Having planned to win the lady back for Espinogres, he now found himself obliged to cross swords with a new knight. Palomides and his masked brother were locked in combat for over an hour. Eventually, impressed by each otherís prowess in the field, they thought to ask each otherís identity. Safir was devastated to find he had been fighting his own brother and fell to the ground to beg his forgiveness. Together, they returned the lady to Sir Espinogres. Later on the road, the brothers were challenged by the knights of a lord who Sir Palomides had slain in the lists at Leverzep. They were overwhelmed by mere numbers and thrown in prison for three days before being put on trial. Sir Palomides was sentenced to death, but Safir was set free and forced to leave. He was beside himself with worry until he heard that Palomides had been res≠cued by Sir Lancelot.

With Sir Palomides, gratitude brought Sir Safir into Sir Lancelotís party during his break with King Arthur. The two accompanied him into exile where Safir was made Duke of Landok.


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