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Tewdwr Mawr, King of Brittany & Penwith
(Born c.AD 520)
(Welsh: Tewdr; Latin: Theodorus; English: Theodore)

A man of many names: called Tewdwr the Great at home in Cornouaille (Brittany), Teudar or Teudaric in his apparent adopted Kingdom on the Penwith penninsula in Cornwall and Thierry by the Franks. He appears to have fled to Britain as a young boy, with his father Hoel I Mawr (the Great) whose family had been ousted from their Kingdom. Hoel appears to have predeceased his own father, Budic II who, upon his triumphant return to Cornouaille several years later, entered into a pact with Prince Macliau of the Vannetais, whereby, whichever died first, the other would take care of his heirs. However, after Budic's death, Macliau reneged on the deal, invaded Cornouaille and Tewdwr was forced to flee again to Britain. He established himself at Carnsew on the Hayle estuary in Cornwall, as the ruler of the district of Penwith. It was here that he gained himself an ungodly reputation for turning away Irish saints; even having some of them killed. He eventually managed to put together his own invasion force and took back his rightful inheritance. Macliau and his eldest son, Jacob, were thoroughly defeated and killed in a great battle in 577. Magnanimous in victory though, Tewdwr allowed Macliau's younger son, Waroc, to remain in power in the Vannetais. Tewdwr may have died soon afterward.


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