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St. Tugdual
(c.AD 528-564)
(Welsh: Tudwal; Latin: Theodovellaunus; English: Theowald)

Prince Tugdual was one of the sons of King Hoel I Mawr (the Great). He travelled to Ireland from his father's home in Britain to learn the scriptures before becoming a hermit on Ynys Tudwal (St.Tudwal's Isle East) off the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales. He later emigrated to Léon in Brittany and settled at Lan Pabu with some seventy-two followers. Here he established a large monastery under the patronage of his cousin, King Deroch of Domnonée. From here, Tugdual travelled throughout Brittany evangelising the local population. He founded the Monastery of Val Trechor at Tréguier and had the foresight to go to Paris and have his land grants ratified by King Childebert of the Franks. The monarch insisted that Tugdual be made Bishop of Tréguier and it was here that he eventually died in 564. His shrine can still be seen in the Cathedral.


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