Sir Uriens, King of Gore
Arthurian Literary Character

Uriens was the husband of Queen Igraine's daughter, Morgan Le Fay. When the young King Arthur came to the throne, he was one of the initiators of the rebel alliance who refused to accept him. He fought in the Battle of Bedegraine and afterwards played host his fellow rebels in his city of Sorhaute (possibly Sedbergh). He withdrew from the second rebellion however, and was reconciled with Arthur at the funeral of King Lot of Orkney and the other rebel kings who died at the Battle of Terrabil. On King Pellinore of Listinoise's advice, Uriens was made a Knight of the Round Table when he admonished himself at the Battle on the Humber against the invading Kings of Denmark, Ireland, the Vale, Soleise, and Longtains.

Uriens and Sir Accolon of Gaul accompanied King Arthur on the hunting expedition that led to his wife's attempt on the great King's life. When the three men had fallen asleep aboard the mysterious boat though, Uriens was transferred home and woke up in Morgan's arms in his own bed. She failed in her conspiracy and, in frustration, decided to murder her conformist husband instead. However, their son, Sir Yvain, walked in on her as she raised her sword over his sleeping father. Yvain spared her exposure as long as she promised to keep away from Uriens and a separation does seem to have ensued.

The location of Uriens' Kingdom of Gore is highly disputed, though generally it is thought to represent Cumberland & Westmorland since, in reality, he is King Urien of North Rheged, who lived about a century after King Arthur's time.


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