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The Bone Worker
Not Every Village has One

An Anglo-Saxon Bone Worker -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • This is the shop of Edwulf the Bone.
  • Edwulf is a bone worker. He makes things out of bone, antlers and ivory (large animal teeth).
  • He has a special set of bone working tools. He has to trade for his raw materials, especially the ivory or large pieces of whale bone. Elephant ivory is rare, but he can  get walrus ivory from the Northern hunters.
  • His biggest sellers are his combs. He makes them out of deer antlers. Everyone in the village has one.
  • He also makes spindles and whorls for cloth making, long pins for lady's hair or clothes, bag handles, counters for board games, dice and even ice skates.
  • He carves simple designs on some of his work, but if the local lord wants a fine and complicated piece of carving, like the Franks Casket, he will have to visit a specialist at a local monastery or the Royal Court.
  • Edwulf is an 'itinerant' worker. This means he moves around from village to village, selling the things he makes. This village is lucky. He always comes back here to live. Not many villages have a bone worker.
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