Britain c. AD 600
Political Divisions

EBK presents a map of Britain as it may have appeared around AD 600. Final fall of the old British Kingdoms of the South-East. Sussex, Essex and East Anglia fill the gap. Deira takes over the British kingdom of Ebrauc when a power-vacuum is created by the death of its last monarchs [Green]. With the collapse of the Northern British alliance, Bernicia expands [Green] and Bryneich is reduced to a small area in the Cheviots [Blue]. Bernicia and Deira later nominally united under King Aethelfirth. Wessex pulls back from its outer regions in the Northern Chilterns, but concentrates on expansion westward with the defeat of the Kings of Caer-Gloiu (Gloucester), Caer-Ceri (Cirencester) and Caer-Baddan (Bath) [Green]. The sub-Kingdom of Glastening is probably established at this time as a buffer zone between Wessex and Dumnonia [Dark Yellow]. The Scots of Dalriada move north into Druim Fada [Orange]. 

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