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Bardsey Island
This little island off the North Welsh Coast was the site of a 6th century monastery.

Cadbury Castle
A huge Iron Age hillfort in Somerset re-fortified in the 6th C. complete with gateways & great hall.

A Welsh Roman fortress with strong Dark Age associations. Was it a civilian or ecclesiastical settlement?

Caerwent - the Town
Another Roman town in Wales, definitely inhabited into the 7th C. Kings and priests both in evidence.

Caerwent - St. Stephen's Church
The Monastery of St. Tathyw amongst the ruins of Rome. It was given him by King Caradog of Gwent.

Caldey Abbey
6th century island home of St. Samson, complete with medieval monastic buildings & Dark Age inscribed stone.

Late 6th battle between the british of Lothian and the Angles of Deira, recorded in Aneirin's epic porm, Y Gododdin.

Deganwy Castle
Dark Age strong of King Maelgwn revealed by archaeological investigation in the 60s.

Dinas Emrys
5th & 6th C. fortified hilltop in Snowdonia, the traditional home of  King Vortigern.

An island in the marshes of Dark Age Somerset, with both Pagan & Christian connections.

Glastonbury Tor
Dark Age fortified hilltop in the Somerset Levels. Palace or monastery?

Hentland Church
The 'Old Church'. St. Dyfrig's home in Herefordshire.  Site of a 6th century monastery.

Small fortress in the wilds of Cornwall, occupied in the 5th & 6th centuries.

Llangadwaladr Church
Little known home of the amazing 'Cadfan Stone'. Royal Mausoleum of the Kings of Gwynedd.

Llancarfan Church
The famous Glamorgan seat of learning founded by St. Cadog in the early 6th century.


Llanilltud Fawr Church
The Collegiate Church of St. Illtud, supreme amongst the schools of Britain. Burial-place of Kings. 

Nether Wallop
Probable site of Ambrosius' battle against King Vortigern, in a Hampshire river valley.

St. Davids Cathedral
Founded by St. David, it may have been the centre of an archiepiscopal see.

Tintagel Castle
Dark Age Winter Palace of the Kings of Dumnonia. Feasting & famous inscriptions.

York - St. Helen's Church
Legendary Chapel of the Roman Empress, St. Helen. Used by the devout throughout the Dark Ages.

York - St. Sampson's Church
Possible Cathedral of Ambrosius' Archbishop, St. Sampson: Built into the city walls at York.

Arthurian Associations 
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