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Arthur's Family
King Arthur
Queen Guinevere
King Uther Pendragon
Queen Ygerna
Princess Morgan Le Fay
Princess Anna
Princess Elaine
Princess Morgause
Prince Amir
Prince Loholt
King Ambrosius
King Constantine

Annowre the Sorceress
Sir Brian of the Isles
Sir Caradoc of the Dolorous Tower
King Galehaut of Sorelais
Sir Meleagant
Morgan Le Fay
King Ryons of Outre Ombre
Sir Turquine

Robert de Boron
St. Gildas
Sir Thomas Malory
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Chrétien de Troyes

Sir Aglovale
Sir Agravaine
Sir Alymere
Sir Aristant
Sir Ascamore
Sir Bedivere
Le Bel Inconnu
Sir Blamore
Sir Bleoberis
Sir Bran de Lis
Sir Brunor le Noir
Sir Cligés
La Cote Mal Taile
Sir Crosselm
Sir Dagonet
Sir Dinadan
Sir Dodinel
Sir Durnore
Sir Ector de Maris
Sir Florence
Sir Gahalantine
Sir Gaheris
Sir Galahad
Sir Galehodin
Sir Gareth
Sir Gawain
Sir Girflet
Sir Gromer
Sir Guinglain
Sir Hebes
Sir Kay the Tall
Sir Kay le Strange
Sir Lamorak
Sir Lavaine
Sir Lionel
Sir Lovel
Sir Lucan
Sir Meleagant
Sir Meliant
Sir Meliot
Sir Menaduke
Sir Mordred
Sir Morhaut
Sir Osanain
Sir Palomides
Sir Pelleas
Sir Percivale
Sir Petipace
Sir Safir
Sir Sagremore
Sir Segwarides
Sir Severauce
Sir Tegyr
Sir Tor
Sir Yvain
Sir Yvain the Bastard

Knightly Rulers
Sir Anguish
Sir Bagdemagus
Sir Bors
Sir Cador
Sir Caradoc Briefbras
Sir Carados
Sir Chaleins
Sir Clarion
Sir Constantine
Sir Galehaut
Sir Galleron
Sir Gereint
Sir Howel
Sir Lambale
Sir Lancelot
Sir Nentres
Sir Pellinore
Sir Tristram
Sir Ulbawes
Sir Uriens

King Belinant
King Cradelmant
Duke Gorlois
King Lot
King Malaguin
King Mark
King of 100 Knights

Other Characters
Sir Ector
Lady of the Lake

King Vortigern

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