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Camelot - this reproduction © Nash Ford PublishingCAMELOT
Where are you Now?

King Arthur's Court of Camelot evokes visions of lofty church spires and bustling city streets, a vast post-Roman-cum-Medieval Capital from where the mightiest of British Kings dispensed justice and oversaw peace and prosperity. From where did this over-romanticized view come though, and where is Camelot today?

 The Tradition: A town named Camelot was first introduced into the Arthurian legend by the late 12th century French poet Chrétien De Troyes in his tale of Lancelot. However, it is mentioned but briefly and its status within the Kingdom of Britain is certainly never established. It was writers of the following century who declared it to be the chief residence of the High-King Arthur and embroidered the elaborate portrayal that we recognise today.






Possible Identifications: Cadbury Castle
Caerleon Caerwent Camelford Camelon
Carlisle Castle Killibury Colchester Graig-Llwyn
Llanmelin Slack Stirling Winchester


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