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Let's take a look round a Saxon Church
From the Outside
There are two good examples in England of small Saxon churches that haven't changed much since they were built. This is St. Laurence's Church at Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire. The other is Escomb Church in County Durham.






(Notice the Decoration)

Bradford-on-Avon Saxon Church -  Nash Ford Publishing Later church behind




Porticus (There was another on the other side)

  • Experts argue about whether the church may have been built in the 7th or the 10th century.
  • It is built of stone.
  • It is tall and narrow.
  • It has a nave (body), a chancel (sanctuary) and two portici (side chapels - although one has been pulled down).
  • It has a door in one porticus. There was probably a second in the other.
  • It has only a few small windows.
  • It is decorated on the outside with 'arcading' (arches) above 'pilaster' strips. The arcading may have once been painted.
  • This decoration is unusual and shows it was quite a posh church. It was owned by the nuns of Shaftesbury Abbey (Dorset) and they may have kept some relics of St. Edward the Martyr there.
  • Activity Sheet available.


 Why not Take a look inside the Saxon Church.


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