EBK Activity Sheets



But only for the Rich!

  • We don't know anything about British schools in the Dark Ages. British children were probably taught things in the same way as the Saxons.
  • Very few Saxon children went to school. Most children learnt what they needed to know from their parents: things like growing food, looking after animals, cooking, building, making clothes, making tools and fighting.
  • Only children of very rich lords or kings had lessons. They were mostly boys, but there were some girls too.
  • Some went to school in monasteries where they were taught by the monks (or nuns). Others had private teachers who taught them at home.
  • Some children were taught to read Latin (and sometimes Greek). In later Saxon times, they learnt Old English too.
  • Reading and writing wasn't thought to be very important though because there weren't many books in those days. It was thought important to have a good memory.
  • The most important lessons were in poetry, history, the Bible, how to hunt and how to fight with different weapons. 
  • It wasn't much fun. There was no playtime and there were often beatings for bad work!


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