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Saxon Kingdom around London

  • The modern county of Essex was a kingdom in the Dark Ages. It included London and Middlesex.
  • The name Essex means 'Land of the East Saxons'. It was settled by Saxons from North-West Germany coming up the River Thames.
  • The first king was a man named Aescwin. He lived in the mid-6th century. He claimed that the Saxon god, Saxnot, was his ancestor.
  • The kings probably lived at Cripplegate in London. Their Royal monastery was at St. Paul's Cathedral.
  • The kings often shared their kingdom between brothers.
  • The most famous King of Essex was King Saebert.
    • He became a Christian.
    • He helped St. Mellitus set up St. Paul's Cathedral in London.
    • He died in AD 617 and it is said he was buried in Westminster Abbey. However, he was probably buried in the Royal grave excavated at Prittlewell.


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