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takes over Britain.

  • King Arthur left Mordred in charge while he was away in Brittany.
  • As Arthur had no children, Mordred was going to inherit the kingdom when Arthur died; but he could not wait.
  • Mordred told everyone that King Arthur had been killed fighting in Brittany. People believed him and Mordred made himself High-King of Britain.
  • Luckily, Arthur heard about what was going on. He returned to Britain with his army.
  • Mordred had given away lots of money and so some people liked him. They helped him put together his own army and start a rebellion (a war against the proper ruler).
  • The armies of Arthur and Mordred fought at the Battle of Camlann. Unfortunately, Arthur did not have Excalibur’s scabbard with him. It had been stolen by his wicked sister, Morgan Le Fay.
  • The battle was so bad that only a few people were left alive at the end. Two of these were King Arthur and Mordred.
  • They fought each other in single combat. Arthur killed Mordred, but was very badly hurt himself.

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