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Saxon Kingdom in the South-East

  • Traditionally, Kent was settled by a Saxon group called Jutes, from Central Denmark. The type of jewellery they wore shows that many of them may have been Franks.
  • An old story says that the British kingdom of Cantium was given to their first king, Hengest. The Jutes called this place 'Kent'.
  • Hengest lived in the late 5th century. His family were known as the Oiscingas, after his son, Oisc.
  • The kings lived at Canterbury. Their Royal monastery was at St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury.
  • The most famous King of Kent was King Aethelbert:
    • He lived in the late 6th century.
    • At first, Aethelbert was a pagan.
    • He married a Christian Princess from France. She was called Bertha.
    • A missionary, named St. Augustine, came to visit them from Italy.
    • Augustine persuaded Aethelbert and all his people became Christians.
  • In the 9th century, Kent was taken over by Wessex. The eldest son of the King of Wessex was given the title, King of Kent, like the Prince of Wales today.



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