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Small Kingdoms all over the Midlands

We know the names of a lot of the Saxon Sub-Kingdoms of Mercia. They are recorded in an old document called the 'Tribal Hidage'. Here are some of the big ones. Do you know anyone who lives in these places? The word 'set' means settlers, like in the county of Somerset. The names are very strange. Can you guess what these places are named after? Take a look at a map to get some clues. (Click for the Answers).

Name of Kingdoms Where it was
Chilternset Buckinghamshire & South Oxfordshire
(pronounced Whichay)
Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, North Oxfordshire & South Warwickshire
Lindsey North Lincolnshire
Magonset Herefordshire & South Shropshire
Middle Anglia The Fens, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire
Pecset North Derbyshire
Pencerset  West Staffordshire
Tomset East Staffordshire & South Derbyshire
Wrocenset  North Shropshire & Cheshire


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