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The Saxons are all Dead: How do we know?
  • Measuring the length of bones found in graves has allowed experts to work out the height of early Saxons. Men were usually about 6ft (180cm) tall. Women were usually about 5ft 7in (168cm). 
  • Bones have lumps on them where there was once a big muscle attached. Most Saxon men were big and strong. They were very active in everyday life.
  • Teeth found in Saxon graves have lots of plaque on them. This shows they didn't own toothbrushes. Their teeth would be very yellow.
  • Conical handles for little brushes have been found in the graves of Saxon women. These might have been used for putting on make-up, like eye shadow or blusher.
  • Combs made of bone are often found in women's graves. This shows they kept their hair neat and tidy.
  • Brooches have been found decorated with Saxon men's faces. They had long curly moustaches. Razors are sometimes found in graves though. So some people shaved.
  • We have lots of drawings of later Saxons in their manuscripts.
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