How Arthur became King.

  • When King Uther died, no-one knew he had a son. So there was lots of arguing about who should be High-King of Britain.
  • Suddenly a mysterious stone magically appeared in the churchyard of St. Paulís Cathedral in London. Sticking out of it was a huge sword. There was a message on it. It said that whoever pulled the sword from the stone was the rightful High-King of Britain.
  • Lots of the local kings (or 'tyrants') tried to pull the sword out. It was magically stuck fast though and the arguing carried on.
  • Years later, Arthur had grown into a fifteen year old lad. It was time for his elder foster-brother, Kay, to go to his first tournament (where knights practiced fighting). So the family went to London.
  • Arthur got into trouble because he had forgotten Kayís sword. So he went off to look for one.
  • He found the sword in the stone and pulled it out easily.
  • Arthur gave the sword to Kay. Kay noticed the message and everyone wanted to know who had pulled the sword from the stone.
  • At first, no-one believed that Arthur had done it. But he repeated what he had done. Everyone was amazed.

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