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Anglo-Saxon God of Thunder

Thunor, Anglo-Saxon God of Thunder -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Thunor was the Anglo-Saxon god of Storms, Lightning and especially Thunder. He was the son of Woden.
  • When Thunor was angry, he would would strike his anvil with a huge hammer. The sound became thunder. The sparks became lightning.
  • His sacred animal was the goat. Goats pulled his chariot. His sacred plant was the oak tree. His sacred weapon was the hammer. Hammer shaped amulets have been found in Anglo-Saxon graves.
  • The tradition of bringing in the yule log to burn at Christmas may have come from Thunor's oak tree. It was supposed to protect the house against lightning and fire.
  • There are lots of Viking stories about Thunor. Particularly popular was the one about his stolen hammer:
    • The King of the Giants stole Thunor's hammer.
    • With the help of Loki and Freo, he found out who the thief was.
    • The King would only return the hammer, if Freo would marry him, but she refused.
    • So Thunor dressed himself up as Freo in women's clothes!
    • The giant king was suspicious when he saw how Thunor's eyes burned and how much he drank. But he was told this was due to exhaustion because the bride had not slept for eight days and nights in her eagerness to be with him.
    • Then the bride was given the hammer. Thunor threw off his disguise and used his weapon to beat up the giants.
  • His special day was Thursday which means 'Thunor's Day'.
  • Can you find any places near you that are named after Thunor? Use a map. Look for places beginning with the words Thunder, Thunor, Thunre or Thur.
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