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The Blacksmith
Making Weapons and Tools

An Anglo-Saxon Blacksmith -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • This is the home of Wulfgar the Smith.
  • Wulfgar is an iron worker. He makes weapons and farming and other tools. He also makes horse shoes and shoes horses.
  • Iron is not mined in the local area, so he buys iron bars from local traders. They usually come from Sussex or Gloucestershire.
  • He is a very skilled craftsman. He heats up iron in his furnace and hammers, folds and reheats it to make it strong. He then shapes it and plunges it into water to cool it down. (Later Saxons made these techniques even better).
  • He twists pieces of iron together to make strong and beautifully patterned swords.
  • He can work with other metals, but he doesn't know much about melting metals in crucibles and pouring them into moulds. There is a goldsmith from a nearby rich lord's estate who makes jewellery like this. He visits sometimes.
  • Metalworkers were seen as very special people. They had their own god to look after them. He was called Wayland the Smith.
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