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What Saxon Churches were like
In the Chancel & Side Chapels
These are the chancel and portici (side chapels) inside of the Saxon church of St. Laurence's Church at Bradford-on-Avon in Wiltshire. They were either built in the 7th or the 10th century.


Bradford-on-Avon Saxon Church Porticus -  Nash Ford Publishing

Side Chapel










Bradford-on-Avon Saxon Church Chancel -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • The chancel and the side chapels are very similar. They are very small.
  • The chancel is the area of the church for the altar and the priest. Relics (bones) of St. Edward the Martyr were probably kept in the altar. The one in the picture is not the original, but it is made from Saxon carvings.
  • The chapels would originally have had smaller altars dedicated to other saints. One is now a baptistery with a font. The other has been pulled down.
  • The entrances to the building were through the chapels.
  • Like the rest of the building, they would be very dark and lit by candles.


Why not Take a look round the rest of the Saxon Church. 


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