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The Carpenter
The Village can't do without Him

An Anglo-Saxon Turner or Carpenter -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • This is the home of Leofwine the Carpenter.
  • Leofwine makes things out of wood. He is also a wheelwright.
  • His special skill is using the lathe (equipment for cutting round or cylindrical wood), so some people call him Leofwine the Turner.
  • He makes posts, planks, rafters and pegs (instead of nails) for buildings.
  • He makes buckets, handles for tools and weapons, furniture, looms, doors, boxes, chests and carts.
  • He can also make bowls, cups, plates, spoons; even musical instruments and coffins.
  • Leofwine gets wood from trees he cuts down with his axe in the nearby forest.
  • Although he has a saw, he doesn't use it on big pieces of wood because it is was very expensive. He splits tree wood using his axe and wooden wedges.
  • He has lots of special tools for shaping wood. Like adzes (for rough cutting), chisels (for fine cutting), planes (for shaving) and augers (for making holes).
  • Most things in the villages need at least part of them to be made by Leofwine.
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