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Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring

Eostre, Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • Eostre is thought to have been the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring and of Rebirth, but we don't know much about her.
  • She is only mentioned once in Anglo-Saxon literature.
  • She seems to have been associated with the countryside waking up after Winter, and perhaps also with the Moon.
  • Her sacred animal was probably the hare. Her other sacred symbol was probably the egg.
  • Hares are famous for their complicated partner-choosing rituals that they do in Spring. Most birds begin to lay eggs again in Spring. 
  • Eostre's special month was April, which in Early English, was called 'Eostre's Month'.
  • Easter is named after her. Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny come from her symbols.
  • Hot-cross buns may also originally have been pagan offerings. They would have represented the four quarters of the Moon.
  • Christians took over this pagan festival. They replaced the rebirth of the countryside with the resurrection (rebirth) of Jesus. 
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