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Cheddar Palace Clues
What we know about the Buildings
  • The shallow trenches on the plan may have had something placed in them.
  • The triple post holes were placed at a gap in the trenches.
  • The single large post hole was just outside a gap in the ditches and trenches.
  • Building A stood opposite this gap. It was huge and rectangular. It was twice as big as all the other buildings. It was built of very large pieces of wood. It probably had a door at each end. It may have had a raised platform at the far end.
  • The gully was very close to and along one side of Building A.
  • Building B was very small and rectangular. It stood very close to the door at the platform end of Building A. It was built of wood. It had two rooms. The smaller room may not have had a roof. The bigger room contained a pit that had been cleaned regularly.
  • Building C was small and rectangular. It was built of stone. A ruined medieval chapel now stands on its site.
  • Building D was quite big and rectangular. It was built of wood. It had lots of post holes inside. These were probably walls splitting it into several rooms. It may also have had wooden furniture built into the ground.
  • Area E stood between a trench and Building C. There were lots of confusing post holes here. Things found included a small crucible, pieces of moulds, some gold and enamel.
  • Structure X looked very strange. It appears to have had three rooms. Two outer rectangular ones were joined by two very small corridors to a central round corridor. This went around a small round room. One of the outer rooms had a hearth (fireplace). The round corridor and room may not have had a roof or may not have been a corridor and room at all.
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