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Hadrian's Wall
Wonder of Ancient Britain

Hadrian's Wall -  Nash Ford Publishing

  • The Roman soldiers on Hadrian's Wall lived in forts, milecastles and turrets along its length.
  • There were 16 forts along the Wall, and 5 supply forts just to the south. Each one could house a whole cohort of soldiers (480 men).
  • Every Roman mile (about 1.5km), there was a milecastle. These could house up to 64 soldiers, but usually had less.
  • There were 2 turrets between each pair of milecastles.
    • These were garrisoned by 4 soldiers.
    • They were like 2-storeyed castle towers.
    • Downstairs was for cooking and storage.
    • Upstairs was for sleeping.
    • The roof was the lookout station.
  • Beacons could be lit to warn of attacks from the Picts. The signal could then be sent along the Wall from turret to turret.


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