Britain c. AD 575
Political Divisions

EBK presents a map of Britain as it may have appeared around AD 575. Bernicia and Essex extend northward and Sussex westward. The Saxons of Wessex defeat the men of Calchfynedd in battle and take over the southern portion of their kingdom. East Anglia and, the now established, Mercia probably move into the northern lands [Green]. The Atrebatic British around Caer-Celemion (Silchester) still manage to hold out [Tan]. Glywysing-Gwent is divided amongst heirs, thus establishing the Kingdom of Ergyng [Light Red]. Strathclyde is weakened by their campaigns which result in the demise of Caer-Wenddoleu [Indigo]. North Rheged takes the opportunity to seize Galloway [Mint Green]. The Scots of Dalriada move north into Ardnamurchan [Orange]. 

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