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Anglian Tower, York
Defensive Tower of Controversial Date

The Anglian TowerThe so called 'Anglian' Tower at York is apparently one of only two non-ecclesiastical Anglo-Saxon structures remaining in the country. Its date, however, is not without controversy. It was certainly added onto the Roman City Walls at a late period: it could be late Roman or Dark Age British. A popular theory, however, makes it part of a reconstruction of the city's defences under King Edwin of Deira. Edwin lived in the early 7th century and is supposed to have been baptised on the site of the present Minster in AD 627.

The Tower can be found through the Museum Gardens: follow the path to the left of the famous Multangular Tower, under the yew trees and through the door in the wall. It stands immediately to the left, adjoining an interesting excavation of the wall ramparts, displayed to show the relationship between successive city defences.



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