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& How they failed to stop the Saxons making Britain their Home.

  • There are not many records of what happened after King Vortigern's death.
  • The Saxons took control of most of Kent.
  • In Germany & Denmark, sea levels were rising and flooding the lands of the Saxons. Whole villages had to be deserted.
  • Lots of groups of people in Europe were on the move at this time. The Saxons were being attacked by other Germanic people moving in from the east.
  • So the Saxons came to England because of the three Fs:
    • Friendship (offered by Vortigern)
    • Floods (in their own countries)
    • Fighting (from invaders in their own country)
  • More Saxons decided to sail across the North Sea and settle in Britain with their families: in Lincolnshire, East Anglia and Sussex.
  • In these areas, archaeologists have found early Saxon graves and the remains of Saxon houses. The graves contained both male and female skeletons with Saxon weapons and jewellery.
  • Ambrosius seems to have ruled Britain as High-King, but was unable to stop the Saxons taking over parts of his country.
  • The British began to leave their towns. Some of the local kings (or 'tyrants') moved back to the safety of hillforts where their ancestors had lived before the Romans came to Britain. 
  • Old legends tell that Ambrosius was succeeded by his brother, Uther, and then by Uther's son, Arthur. These men were real but may not have been related.
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