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St. Cadog the Mover & Shaker
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Saint Cadog, Abbot of Llancarfan -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • St. Cadog was a British abbot at the most important monastery in Wales. He lived in the 6th century.
  • He was the son of King Gwynllyw Farfog of Gwynllwg (called, in English, Woolos the Bearded of Wentloog). His kingdom was around Newport in Monmouthshire.
  • Cadog became king after his father's death. A monk wasn't supposed to own anything, so it was very unusual for one to become a king.
  • His mother was Princess Gwladys of Brycheiniog (Brecon). It is said that she was so beautiful that Gwynllyw had kidnapped her. King Arthur had to stop Gwladys' father from killing him! But eventually they fell in love & got married.
  • Cadog's life-story was written down in the 11th century, but it is quite believable. It said:
    • Cadog was brought up by St. Tathyw at his school in the old Roman town of Caerwent in Gwent.
    • He set up a monastery at Llancarfan (in Glamorgan), but disturbed the local king's pigs when he started building. A smaller one was started at Llanspyddid (in Brycheiniog).
    • He was often hassled by local lords & kings, but his monks knew how to trick them. They would get their warriors to chase them into a marsh that only they knew the way through. This was how Cadog met St. Illtud.
    • Cadog was friends with St. Gildas, who looked after his monastery at Llancarfan while Cadog became a missionary near Glasgow (in Strathclyde). He also travelled to Cornwall, Ireland and Brittany (North-West France).
    • He then became a hermit on Barry Island in South Wales. Later he moved to Bannaventa in Calchfynedd (Norton in Northamptonshire) to help the people there.
    • They lived near the Saxons and were always being attacked. Cadog was eventually killed during one of their raids. 
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