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What were they?

  • Missionaries were Christians who went around trying to persuade pagans (non-Christians) to become Christian; or trying to persuade Christians to go to church more.
  • They would talk about the Bible to large crowds of people. If they could persuade a king to become a Christian, his people would usually copy him.
  • The sons and daughters of King Brychan of Brycheiniog (South-East Wales) were famous British missionaries in Cornwall.
  • Sometimes missionaries went abroad to do their work.
  • St. Patrick was the son of a British vicar from near Carlisle. He was kidnapped by pirates and taken to Ireland. He became a very famous missionary there.
  • St. Samson was a British missionary in Brittany. St. Boniface was a Saxon missionary in Germany.
  • Because the first Saxons were all pagans, there are many famous Saxon missionaries. Some came from Europe, some from Ireland.
  • St. Augustine was the first. He was an Italian who came to Kent in AD 597. 
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