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St. Collen the Combatant
Fighting Pagans, Fairies & Giants.

Saint Collen -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • St. Collen was a British hermit who lived in the 7th century.
  • His grandfather had been a warrior at the Court of King Arthur.
  • The oldest existing version of Collen's life-story was written down in the 16th century. There may have been earlier ones. A lot of it seems to be just a story. What do you think?
    • Collen came from Southampton (in Hampshire).
    • He went to school in Gaul (France).
    • A pagan warlord challenged the Pope (the leader of the Christians) to single combat. Collen fought him instead and won. The Pope was very pleased.
    • Collen became the Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey (in Somerset), but he didn't like the local people there. So he lived as a hermit near Glastonbury Tor instead.
    • On top of the Tor, he met the Celtic Pagan God of the 'Otherworld' who was King of the Fairies. He splashed holy water on them and they disappeared.
    • Collen then moved his hermitage to North Wales. He fought a giantess and cut off her arms. Then he settled down in Llangollen.
  • Collen certainly lived at Llangollen. The place is named after him. He was buried in a small chapel near the church there.
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