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The Medieval Glastonbury Abbey before its destruction
  • Glastonbury is a small town in Somerset in the south-west of England.
  • Glastonbury has always been famous because it had a very important monastery known as Glastonbury Abbey.
  • In the Dark Ages, Glastonbury was in the British Kingdom of Dumnonia. Lots of stories from this time are told about Glastonbury.
  • The monastery was very popular in the Dark Ages. Lots of famous saints lived there and it had lots of relics.
  • Kings liked to be buried near the relics. They thought it would help them get into heaven.
  • Some people say that King Arthur was a friend of the monks at Glastonbury Abbey and was buried there.
  • There is a famous hill near the town called Glastonbury Tor.
  • Some people say the Tor was the home of the fairies until St. Collen sent them away.
  • One old story tells how Queen Guinevere was kidnapped by the local King of Somerset and imprisoned on the Tor.
  • Below the Tor is a holy well (a spring of water) called the Chalice Well. This is supposed to be where the Knights of the Round Table found the 'Holy Grail' (Jesus's Cup).
  • Nearby is a bridge called the Perilous Bridge (Dangerous Bridge). This is supposed to be the place from which Sir Bedivere threw the sword Excalibur into the water.


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