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Early British Kingdoms History T-Shirts
available at Our Spreadshirt Historici-T Online Shop

Nash Ford Publishing have launched a range of t-shirts in our 'Historici-T' Shop on We have lots on offer, but here is the EBK selection. Click on the one you're interested in to link directly through to its place in our shop, or just try one of the buttons below. Once on Spreadshirt, you can use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to navigate between our different historical period t-shirt sections. Some t-shirts are designed with the image on the front, some on the back, some with both and this is reflected in the prices. When you click through, you might have to turn the shirt over to see the design you clicked on. If you would like a variation of what is available, or a different type of t-shirt (such as a kid's or lady's style t-shirt), please e-mail us for details.

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Iron Age Warriors Roman Soldiers Roman Mosaic, Leadenhall Street Roman Mosaic, Lower Basildon
Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester) Mildenhall Great Dish St. David's Cross, Nevern St. Illtud's Cross, Llantwit Major
St. Nechtan Arthurian Characters King Arthur Queen Guinevere
Arthur & the Magic Mantle Saxon Palace, Yeavering Saxon Palace, Drayton/Sutton St. Cuthbert's Cross, Durham
Sutton Hoo Eagles Early Saxon Warriors Fuller Brooch Viking Sea Cats
Kings of England Late Saxon Warriors Viking Warriors Kings of Scotland



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