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All about the Great British Hero.

  • At the end of the 5th century, Britain came under the leadership of a man named Arthur.
  • He was a real man but very little is known about him.
  • There are lots of legends told about Arthur and his followers, known as the 'Knights of the Round Table'. Unfortunately, most of these are just made up stories.
  • He may have been a brilliant commander in charge of the British army or a High-King like Vortigern.
  • A monk named Nennius wrote a document telling how Arthur was a Christian who fought 12 great battles against the Saxons.
  • The most important of these was his spectacular victory at the Battle of Mount Badon. Some people think this was somewhere near Bath in Somerset.
  • The Saxons then stayed within their small settlements and did not move into new areas for a whole generation.
  • A document called the Welsh Annals records that Arthur died at the Battle of Camlann. He was either fighting alongside or against a man named Medrod. No-one knows where this battle took place.
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