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Beowulf & the Dragon
Swedish Hero slays a Dragon

Beowulf's Dragon - © Nash Ford Publishing
  • Years later, Beowulf inherited the throne of the Geats. After he had ruled wisely for 50 years, his kingdom was attacked by a fierce dragon. It burned down all the houses, including Beowulf’s great hall.

  • The dragon was angry because a thief had stolen a bejewelled cup from the treasure it had hidden in a burial mound.

  • Beowulf was now an old man, but he still took some men and went to the dragon’s lair. He swore to defeat the beast in single combat.

  • A fierce battle took place. Beowulf broke his sword while slashing at the beast. The dragon fought back. It engulfed him in flames and wounded him in the neck.

  • All Beowulf’s thanes fled, except Wiglaf who rushed through the fire to help him. Wiglaf stabbed the dragon with his sword and Beowulf cut the beast in half with his knife.

  • However, Beowulf realized he was now dying. He gave Wiglaf instructions for his funeral.

  • Wiglaf returned to his fellow thanes and told them off for not helping Beowulf.

  • He then cremated Beowulf and buried his ashes with the dragon’s treasure in a tomb called ‘Beowulf’s Barrow’ on the cliff top overlooking the sea.

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