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Beowulf and Grendel
Swedish Hero slays Monster

Beowulf and Grendel - © Nash Ford Publishing
  • Hrothgar (an early form of ‘Roger’) was an early 6th century King of Denmark.

  • He had a large army and built a magnificent great hall called ‘Heorot’ for them.

  • When it was finished, they held a big party. All the noise disturbed a monster, called Grendel, who lived in a lake nearby.

  • Grendel killed thirty of the Hrothgar’s men that night. His attacks continued for the next twelve years.

  • A Prince of the Geats (from Southern Sweden), called Beowulf, heard of Hrothgar’s problem.

  • He took 14 brave thanes and travelled to Hrothgar’s court. There he boasted of his successes in battle, especially against sea monsters.

  • A Danish thane called Uneferth accused Beowulf of exaggerating, but King Hrothgar hoped he would be able to help him. He offered him lots of treasure to kill Grendel.

  • Later that night, when Grendel appeared, the Danes fled. Beowulf wrestled the monster alone and tore off its arm! The Danes then returned, singing Beowulf’s praises. There was a big party and he was given his reward.

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